Service 1

Cultural Dance and Music Performance

We under take all kinds of cultural dances and performances for the three major geographical zones of Nigeria ie South West, South East and South South.

Hire us to perform at your event as dance artists, musicians, cultural orators, moderators and panelists or to deliver ethnic masterclasses.
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Service 2

Training and Instructing

Anne Marie Cultural Arts also offers nation wide training (offline, live performances and online) on cultural dance, music performances, costume dressing and artifacts usage.  

Learn how to release your inner ‘art’ and establish a cultural life style or business that is unique to you.
Immersing Culture into your  business.
We provide training on cultural marketing tools for your business,  organization, association or group
Create memories and delight your clients while making more money! Learn how to use culture to establish and sustain business relationships and be more productive!
Discover concrete ways to use culture to enhance your profitability!
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Service 3

Sale of Costumes and Artifacts

At Anne Marie Cultural Arts, we specialize in different kinds of geocultural costumes and artifacts that celebrates everyone’s identity.


Yes, We accept live performance of the three major Nigeria cultural dance and music.

yes, we provide different kinds of cultural materials, costume and artifacts.

yes, we offer both online and offline training to our customers.

we specialize on all the three major cultures and traditions of Nigeria