At Anne Marie Cultural Arts, we provide South West, South East and South South Nigeria Cultural Arts to the general public through training, dance and music.
We also specialize in the sales of Nigeria Cultural Artifacts and costumes that tell unique cultural stories.

We look forward to serving you.

Anne Marie Arts


Our vision at Anne Marie Cultural Arts is to showcase a vibrant African community that creatively engages arts, culture, music,folklore and story telling to unify and strengthen us as individuals and as a society as well as deepen our connections to each other.


To accomplish our stated vision, Anne Marie Cultural Arts constantly perform, train and instruct on various African ethnic groups’ cultural dance and music.
We engage local residents, schools, businesses, government bodies, community organizations and visitors as we perform, promote and celebrate the African heritage, cultural roots and historic values of the South West, South East and South South regions of Nigeria. 
We also develop and deliver creative and innovative cultural programs and services. These programs and services will provide quality experiences focused on our areas of excellence for our clients and the general public and will provide private, community and philanthropic partnership opportunities.